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If you own an Alexa smart device, you may already be familiar with its most well-known virtual assistant features. From playing music and setting alarms to using search engines, telling you jokes and giving you the latest news, Alexa allows you to control other smart devices remotely and more, using your voice as the controller.

But did you know that you can also play fully-featured, voice-controlled games with Alexa? A wide range of Alexa Skills adds voice-powered games and other interactive applications compatible with your favorite voice assistant. Discover the best games you can play with Alexa and find new ways to have fun with the whole family.

Alexa Song Quiz

If you’re looking for the most exciting games to play with Alexa, you will find that few things liven up a get-together with family and friends more than music trivia games. You may have played versions of this game format before; pick a decade from the 1960s to 2020s, listen to a short excerpt of the track and guess the artist and title. If your guess is correct, you win the round! 

With Volley’s Alexa Song Quiz, you can test the musical knowledge of everyone in the room by using your voice to give the answers. Listen to the song excerpts through your Alexa smart speakers and compete with your friends and family to find out who has the best knowledge of pop music across the eras.

With Alexa’s internet connectivity, you can even compete with other players nationwide and find out where you stand among other music trivia fans.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Fans of the Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader game show, rejoice! One of the most exciting TV game shows ever made is now available for Amazon Alexa.

Like the original television show, the Alexa version of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader tests your knowledge of over 20 different subjects taught to elementary school students from 1st to 5th grades, such as U.S. history, world geography, animal science, astronomy, grammar, art and many more.

For every correct answer, you climb up the leaderboard. Find out how high you rank amongst your friends, family and nationwide players of this home version of the famous game show.

The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right is one of the oldest and longest-running television game shows on American airwaves, with over 9,000 episodes aired since its 1972 debut. Listed as the 5th greatest game show of all time on TV Guide’s Top 60, The Price Is Right is now available on your Alexa smart speaker.

The Price Is Right takes advantage of your Amazon Alexa to recreate the game’s iconic atmosphere by making a game out of guessing the price of numerous Amazon items in all kinds of categories.

Like the players on the TV version’s contestant row, you will compete with friends and family to guess the Amazon price of the described items, scoring points for every guess landing closest (or equal) to the correct value without going over. With an Alexa-enabled smart TV, you can get the complete visual experience and participate in some of the classic mini games featured on the original show, such as Plinko and Showcase Showdown.

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Family Duel

If you and your family enjoy fast-paced trivia and quiz games, you’ll love Family Duel. This Family Feud-inspired Alexa game functions according to the same principles. One hundred people have provided answers to a question in a survey; your goal is to guess their answers.

If your answer corresponds to one of the answers provided, you will score points based on the percentage of respondents who guessed the same.

Family Duel is suitable for the whole family, with an extensive array of kid-safe questions available for Alexa to challenge you, such as “What might a pirate give you as a gift?” or “Name an invention you couldn’t live without.” Turn a family evening into an exciting family game night and compete to win the most points.

Fun For All with Volley

No matter which game shows you and your family enjoy the most, we have something for everyone. Once enabled on the Alexa app, all you need is the corresponding Alexa wake command, such as “Alexa, play Song Quiz.”

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