Gathering with friends and family is best spent with fun activities and a little bit of friendly competition. In fact, friendly competition is an important part of kids’ development. Here are some of the best free games for Alexa that are great for groups. These games are family friendly and work best for groups or teams who are in the same room. Everyone can enjoy these trivia and memory games together while learning about important things like sportsmanship, taking turns and playing as a team.

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Set the Scene

If your TV has Alexa enabled, it will have a Fire TV or Fire TV Edition insignia, and your remote control will have a voice-command microphone button. Search for your favorite games by pressing the button and asking for the title or a game genre.

If you’re using a phone or laptop, find the Alexa function and ask for the game when you and your group are ready to play. With an Echo or other Alexa-enabled device, ensure it’s connected to wifi by looking at the light ring on the device. If the ring is yellow or red, the device is in setup mode or has been muted. Use your Alexa app to finish setup and connect to a wifi network, and press the mute button on your device to get ready to play.

How to Play: These games can be played by teams submitting their answers together or by individuals taking turns. Remember to let one person speak at a time and enunciate clearly so Alexa can process your response. A subscription may be required to unlock all the options and functionality of these games. Learn more about the Brainy Box VIP perks.

Song Quiz

This all-time favorite Alexa game is great for groups who want a little challenge. Guess the names and artists of the song portion Alexa plays, pulled from popular music from given decades or other genres. Upgrade to the pro subscription to unlock thousands more songs, and check out Country Song Quiz for all your favorite twang hits. Song Quiz has something for everyone and is great for people of all ages. Throw back to the 80s and 90s or classic oldies, and don’t be surprised if your game turns into a karaoke night!

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Some of us remember the material from fifth grade a little more clearly than others. The Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Game starts off in first grade and ramps up through primary school subjects like astronomy, ancient history, music, art, science and more! With a subscription to Brainy Box, access more content and functionality and unlock Song Quiz Gold as an added bonus.

Family Duel

Family Duel is one of the great Alexa family games Volley offers. Guess the most popular answers given by a surveyed audience and tally points by giving the most common answer. Earn points and stack up against other players in a weekly leaderboard or battle it out with teams collaborating on answers. Topics will vary, but you can expect prompts like ‘name an invention you couldn’t live without’ and ‘what might you give a pirate as a gift?’

The Price Is Right

The official game from the beloved TV show is now on your smart speaker! Get all your friends and family to ‘come on down,’ play the Alexa Price Is Right Game and guess the price of everyday Amazon products. Enjoy this nostalgic game and play classic mini games like Plinko and Showcase Showdown on an Echo Show or Fire TV device for the full visual experience.

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