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Volley Challenge 5

screenshot of volley challenge 5 game

90 minute matches? Training for hours on end? Developing a footballer’s career? Ain’t nobody got time for that, which is why you should stop dribbling down the pitch (it’s bad manners for one thing) and start actually having fun with your football games. Volley Challenge 5 continues to give the cold shoulder to all aspects of football apart from the good bits, challenging you to score numerous volleys to bring your team to the top of the table. 

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Volley Challenge 4

screenshot of volley challenge 4 game

If you tire of playing matches of excessive length on a pitch that you’re tired of running lengths and only scoring goals of the own kind, then Volley Challenge 4 may be able to help. Turning its back on all but the essentials, this game has you playing through whole seasons by simply requiring you to score as many volleys as you possibly can to win, leaving the boring nitty gritty to games like Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer. 

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Jumpers for Goalposts 5

Everyone loves a good sequel; whether this be those of The Godfather Trilogy, the Die Hard masterpieces, the Harry Potter books and/or films, or pretty much any follow up to any computer game ever (excluding the tragic Die Hard Forever or the heartbreaking  Metroid: Other M). There are few flash-based football games that seem to have the longevity of the Jumpers for Goalposts series of flash-based football RPGs, though. Is it because they are titularly identical to a play of the same name? Perhaps people also enjoy the cheeky play on words in the tendency of ‘Jumpers’ to act as two different types of nouns simultaneously? This is a slim possibility, don’t you think? Far more likely is the scenario that games possess addictive and entertaining, and challenging qualities that immerse the player into their very own football career, balancing both their professional and private life in an immediately enjoyable way. What next for Jumpers for Goalposts, though? We can only speculate at this stage, and the act of speculation just so happens to be the subject of this article. 

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Jumpers for Goalposts 4

screenshot of jumpers for goal posts 4 game

Having been around since 2007, Jumpers for Goalposts as a series has seen considerable improvement over the years, but none as significant as its most recent incarnation, Jumpers for Goalposts 4. Take full control over the career and life of a customisable character by engaging in on-pitch, real-time training and getting him signed to a club. Once you become a professional, your goal is simply to develop your skills, your reputation, and your personal life to please the public and also your girlfriend by becoming as rich and successful as possible. It sounds shallow, but that’s football, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t entertaining. 

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Jumpers for Goalposts 3

screenshot of jumpers for goal posts 3 game

The classic football-based RPG is back for a third instalment of player-controlled career progression from broke amateur to filthy-rich professional.  Assume control of your own player and perform various skills to train your player to a standard where contracts are rolling in left, right, and centre. Make the most of your career by balancing your performance on the field with antics off the field. Buy houses, cars, and even a Caribbean island to please the paparazzi and become a player that is successful both on and off the pitch. 

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Jumpers for Goalposts 2

screenshot of jumpers for goal posts 2 game

Jumpers for Goalposts is back with a much-anticipated sequel, sporting new features such as more skills to perfect, more girls to impress, and even a little bit of gambling between matches to get your hands on even more money. It’s a simulation of the complete football experience, and you’re at the heart of it. 

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Jumpers for Goalposts

screenshot of jumpers for goal posts 1 game

Why waste your time watching football on TV when you could be responsible for your very own fledgling football star’s rise to football fame? Train your player from backyard wannabe to football superstar and enjoy the spoils that come with it; fame, money, girls, and better contracts await you in this solid football RPG title.

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