Working At Volley

It’s 6 p.m. on Friday night. You look up and realize that every member of your family— even grandma—is sitting in the same room, staring into a small, glowing smartphone screen instead of talking to one another.

You might not realize it, but Amazon Alexa and Google Nest devices can bring the family together and get everyone to put away their phones. Nearly 50% of American households own a smart speaker or smart display, but most people aren't aware of the breadth of applications available for these devices. They can do so much more than set a timer or recite the weather. In fact, they are the platform on which you and your family can find the most intuitive gaming and entertainment experiences ever created, made by the incredibly talented and creative people at Volley

Voice-controlled entertainment can bring families together in person and can effortlessly connect loved ones across the world. A voice-controlled quiz can remind us of our favorite songs from the 80s. A voice-controlled story can immerse us in a moving, interactive narrative.

Voice is the first technology that really adapts to us as humans, instead of the other way around. At Volley we believe voice-control unlocks magical new entertainment possibilities that just weren't possible beforehand, and we can't wait to bring them to you.

Our Mission

Our mission at Volley is to make the best voice-controlled games and entertainment.

Our Culture

The ABCs of Volley are Ambition, Business, and Creativity:


We're on the cusp of an entertainment revolution enabled by voice technologies. By 2030, we expect there will be 50 billion voice-controlled devices in the world. These could include mobile phones, smart speakers, smart displays, voice-controlled televisions, cars with a native voice assistant, AirPods-style wireless headphones, and even AR glasses! Volley aims to be the premier provider of entertainment for this emerging device ecosystem that will be 10x larger than mobile. The scale is mind- boggling and we need ambitious, tenacious people to keep us focused on the big picture.


At Volley, making money isn't just an afterthought or a necessary evil. Revenue is fuel that helps us tackle big challenges and pursue our most exciting ideas. We're proud to be an early stage consumer startup that isn't putting off the hard work of business model experimentation until some vague date in the future. Making money ensures we're listening to our customers and offering them a valuable service day after day. Everyone at Volley is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow our business and impact our bottom line.


We want to hear everyone's ideas, and we ensure that we act on the best ones! We love taking shots on goal, even when we're only 60% confident of scoring. We celebrate running experiments, not just the results. Many good ideas sound bad or outlandish at first, so we try hard to imagine how an idea could work, instead of how it could fail. We look for game changing ideas that could move the needle dramatically for our business, our customers, and our industry—and then we do everything we can to follow through on our big bets.

Our Work

Volley has adopted a hybrid model of working that combines the best aspects of in- person office culture with the key benefits of being able to work from home.

Mondays and Wednesdays are in-person days, and you're expected to be present in the office for any meetings you have scheduled. Our office is located in Hayes Valley, one of the most fun and vibrant neighborhoods in San Francisco. The office is also open on Tuesdays and Fridays, but you’re welcome to work from home on those days.

Thursdays are "no-meeting days." We expect most people to work from home and enjoy a bit of uninterrupted focus time. No-meeting Thursdays are also a great time to schedule doctor’s visits and other appointments without fear of sudden work conflicts.

Our day-to-day work runs on Slack. The work day kicks off at 10am and ends at 6pm. We aim to make after hours emails and Slack messages the rare exception, rather than the rule. We also have several active, fun channels to join, including #pets #gaming #food #music and #plants.

We host happy hours in the office on Fridays, after Show & Tell. Show & Tell offers team members a chance to show off a new product or feature and get feedback from colleagues. Other storied traditions include our 48 hour hackathons and our annual Volley retreats to beautiful destinations like Sonoma and Santa Cruz.