Volley Challenge 5

Volley Challenge 5 – Bringing you the only fun aspect of football with valid 2012/2013 fixtures

Goal After Goal After Goal After Goal

Many football fans will go to great lengths in order to feed their nasty habit of enjoying the sport. Lots of these fans purchase a PS3 or Xbox so that they can then purchase games like Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer, paying upwards of $60 or £50 for the most recent offering of officially-licensed football emulation. The trouble with feeding a football habit is that it is extremely costly in terms of both time and money. Season tickets are unbelievably expensive for a game that I barely consider a sport, games consoles are pricey, and so are the football games that justify the purchase of the console that they are for, so why bother with all this nonsense? Kick some sense into yourself and also the ball in Volley Challenge 5, a game that brings sense back to the “sport” by cutting costs to zero and cutting all unnecessary follies out of football simulation, leaving behind the only interesting bit about the game in the first place, which is sinking a screamer into the net. Mousbreaker know that people don’t have time for 90 minute matches, so Volley Challenge 5 is here to give you a goal-after-goal experience.

Fixture Friendly

Volley Challenge 5 takes you through the 2012/2013 season  by firstly asking you to select the team that you wish to play with throughout. You  get to pick from the Premier League, Championship, League One, or League Two so there is no shortage of teams for you to pick from. After choosing your team, the matches unfold as they would in real life, progressing through the matches and playing each of the other teams in the league. The gameplay involves nothing but volleying the ball into the net from a fixed distance. The ball enters from the left and you have to judge its height and your position relative to it. You can use either the directional arrows or the mouse to move your player, with spacebar letting you actually kick the ball. Each match is represented by a volleying session consisting of 10 balls; the commentary on the match plays out at the top of the screen with each successful goal filling up the progress bar. You simply have to fill the bar so that it reaches the ‘win’ marker in order to win each match .

Accentuate the Positive

Volley Challenge 5 isn’t everyone’s cup of foot-tea (cheap joke, I know), but it provides you with the chance to play through a season without having to worry about all the boring bits like the rest of the match or taking charge of a footballer’s career as is the case with deeper games like New Star Soccer. Volley Challenge 5 is simple in its approach, with graphics that match the fairly basic nature of the gameplay. The shooting mechanic is lifted directly from the volleys in Jumpers for Goalposts 4, though it could do with a little work as there is little explanation about technique or the correct way to make better contact with the ball. The game is also noticeably identical to its predecessor with a few new kits here and there, with no attempt at trying to move the game on in a visual or functional sense. It’s a shallow bit of football fun, I admit, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.