Volley Challenge 4

Volley Challenge 4 – Unadulterated volleying action that puts you right on the ball

Challenge Accepted

There is obviously room in the football games market for full-on, comprehensive match simulations and emulations of the entire football experience, what with EA continuing to release their successful football title year after year. You might have heard of it: Fifa, I think it’s called, often followed by the year that the game’s content and fixtures cover. There comes a time, however,  when the all-out football experience is simply too much, particularly if you’re just after some shallow and non-obligatory football fun without all the fuss of worrying about clearing your afternoon schedule to fit in training, online play, picking players, and developing careers of footballers. No, this won’t do at all for the time-starved gentleman, which is why Volley Challenge 4 exists. Covering the 2011/2012 season, this game brings you the essence of football in an easy-to-play, difficult-to-master package that only bothers you when the only fun part of football is happening: goal scoring. That’s right, it’s a game focused on scoring volleys, but don’t scoff and brush this off as it having limite scope: it’s more challenging than you think.

He’s off His Volley

The gameplay of Volley Challenge 4 is identical to its predecessor, concentrating solely on scoring goals by volleying them into the goal repeatedly. The ball enters from the left hand side of the screen at varying height and speed, requiring you to line yourself up with it perfectly and kick it towards the goal. You can use either the keyboard or mouse to control the movement of your player, with the directional keys being used for movement and the spacebar letting you kick the ball. The aim is simply to score enough points to win each match of the season in which you are competing, having chosen your team at the outset and hopefully volleying them to success in each match.

The ‘matches’ play out in very brief commentary style with ten goals for you to possibly score in each match. You score points that vary depending on your performance: 4000 for a goal, 500 if the keeper saves it, 200 for hitting wood (giggles are unavoidable with this phrase), and 100 for just making contact with the ball. Since ‘volley’ is the operative word in the title, your points are halved if you make contact with it after it bounces. The whole thing may sound like a piece of cake drizzled with easy sauce, but scoring goals is more challenging than you may think.

The Volley and the Ivy

So what is Mousebreakers’s game actually like to play? Well, football fans looking to cash in the full experience for a little instantly-rewarding fun should love this game. The shooting mechanic is simple to control yet scoring a goal is a challenge. The accuracy of the fixtures and their reflection of the 2011/2012 season will also please football fans, as will playing through the season in the usual football format. The graphics aren’t spectacular, and the sounds are fairly poor, but this game is good for a cheap thrill, mainly because it is free.