Jumpers for Goal Posts 5 Game

Jumpers for Goal Posts 5 Game has not yet been developed, but Mousebreaker tells us that it is well on its way, so we have an informative article below on likely/expected features of this sequel. After that, why not play one of our other Volley Games below:

Jumpers for Goalposts 5:  Ideas and speculation about a future sequel (solid intel also lies within)

Speculate = Accumulate

Everyone loves a good sequel; whether this be those of The Godfather Trilogy, the Die Hard masterpieces, the Harry Potter books and/or films, or pretty much any follow up to any computer game ever (excluding the tragic Die Hard Forever or the heartbreaking  Metroid: Other M). There are few flash-based football games that seem to have the longevity of the Jumpers for Goalposts series of flash-based football RPGs, though. Is it because they are titularly identical to a play of the same name? Perhaps people also enjoy the cheeky play on words in the tendency of ‘Jumpers’ to act as two different types of nouns simultaneously? This is a slim possibility, don’t you think? Far more likely is the scenario that games possess addictive and entertaining, and challenging qualities that immerse the player into their very own football career, balancing both their professional and private life in an immediately enjoyable way. What next for Jumpers for Goalposts, though? We can only speculate at this stage, and the act of speculation just so happens to be the subject of this article. 

90’s Feel

Firstly, I wouldn’t mind hitting you up with some solid information about what has been announced by Mousebreaker via their blog. An announcement has been recently made that puts forward a piece of news that is two-fold and that will also be like sweet chin music to the ears of fans worldwide: they are currently working on not one but two sequels to the game. Though little information has been released concerning Jumpers for Goalposts 5 (there is some speculation below if you’re into that kind of thing), the also-announced release of Jumpers for Goalposts 90’s will precede the nominally 5th title, making it the fifth title if you like to go purely by the order in which a game is released.

Jumpers for Goalpost 90’s sounds like an offering that is equally as exciting as Jumpers for Goalposts 5 because in it, we are taken as the title suggests back to the 90s and immersed in the football clubs of the time, and even better than this, Mousebreaker says that the game is also going to follow the rise and the fall of football clubs in adherence with the way it actually happened (all you football historians out there rejoice). The game is also going to have a distinctly retro feel, with everything from the menus and cut-scenes, right through to the player’s kits and appearance being licked with a 90’s tongue. What excited me (in an entirely appropriate way) was seeing the screenshot of the news flashes  that pertain to the results of each match in the game, which instead of the usual spinning newspaper animation is instead based on the old-school Ceefax pages that most sports fans who know what Teletext is will recognise.

JFG5: Skills Improvements?

OK, so that’s all the confirmed information I currently have on JFG, but why not speculate a little? The first issue that needs to be addressed by the developers is the jerky and unresponsive feel of pretty much all aspects of the player’s skill sessions. Most, if not all of the skills feel much more difficult than I’m sure they need to be firstly because of the relative lack of solid instructions about each facet of your player’s skills, but mainly due to the dodgy feel of the player’s movement in response to the ball. This is particularly true for the volleys, the perfecting of which seems like an impossibility because it seems whether you kick the ball early, late, or on time, you end up missing the ball regardless, and the rare contact actually made with the ball ends up with the ball being spooned spectacularly in the opposite direction to where you want it to go. The headers need to be sorted out as well because as they currently stand in Jumpers for Goalposts 4, the player barely gets off the ground even though many of the balls sail in an impossibly high position across the screen.

Injuries and Other Nods to Realism

I think that Jumpers for Goalposts 5 would hugely benefit from having a few more realistic features woven into the gameplay. Injuries frequently plague the most competent of football players, so why not incorporate the possibility of injury and resulting recovery measures into the gameplay? There could even be the inclusion of a paid-for physiotherapist or a set of training exercises for recovery to add to the challenge of the gameplay. If Jumpers for Goalposts 4 even dared include such a feature, it would have instantly been a better game (according to my own opinion, which according to me is almost always correct, 100% of the time).