Jumpers for Goal Posts 3

Jumpers for Goalposts 3 – A Football-centric RPG with on-field play and off-field management

Truly Memorable

Football is an extremely lucrative sport watched by millions of fans around the world. Whether you call it “Soccer” in an American accent or shout ‘Goalazio’ in an overdramatic and unnecessarily drawn-out manner when someone scores, you can be sure that there are fans around the world that will also be looking for the next football game to entertain them. Mousebreaker are well aware of the profitable and popular nature of the game, a fact which is reflected in the third title of the series, Jumpers for Goalposts 3. A career simulation at heart, the game allows you to take hold of a young football player’s career and follow him from amateur to professional, making you responsible for all of the training, match play, and tough decisions involved in the professional and personal life of your football star. As entertaining as it has always been, Jumpers for Goalposts continues its refinement and journey towards being a truly memorable football RPG.

More Structure, Minor Skills Addition

This time around, your progression into a fully-fledged and lucrative football career is considerably more structured, with the first week being designated for putting your player through the various skill drills required in order to generate interest in your abilities from various football scouts; scoring points in each of the areas of skill is a requirement that must be fulfilled before any clubs offer you a contract. Some of these skills are from the original Jumpers for Goalposts and feature here in the form of volleys, penalties and snapshots, all of which are controlled by the mouse.

Headers, passing, and the ‘turn and shoot’ were new additions in Jumpers for Goalposts 2 and are also present here. The overhead kick is the only new ability to feature in this game, and as expected, it is equally as difficult to pull off as the skills have ever been. The player is now translucent during training, which helps you to see the ball’s position when it gets to the player, but everything still feels a little hurried, your movements jerky, and the difficulty too great for what should be an exercise in getting to know the game, particularly for beginners.

Personal/Professional Divide

The game can be divided into two aspects that test your skills to their limits, with the practical match-play aspect putting you directly on the pitch in both training and match-play contexts, and off-the-pitch considerations such as your salary, bank balance, skill, level, manager approval, and the classic snapping up of a girlfriend. The whole procedure is really the same as it has always been, only it is now categorised a little differently. Your paparazzi level depends on the lifestyle you lead off the pitch as well as the quality of your agent, with different ones being available for hire as you earn more money. Your skill level is determined by your training scores and career stats, as is your manager’s approval. Socialising as well as buying cars and property are both required for acquiring a girlfriend and improving the paparazzo’s image of you.

The Best Yet

Jumpers for Goalposts 3 is a perfect example of refinement in a flash game series which has progressed noticeably since the original. Each title builds further on the solid foundations of the original game by slowly adding skills and extra features with every release. This time around, we have some enhanced graphics that look considerably more polished than those of its predecessors, as well as new content such as the overhead kick skill, a choice of agents, and new items and activities to spend your not-so-hard-earned money on. The training and match play aspect of the game is still fairly limited to simply dropping you into a match that is otherwise played out entirely by text updates in order to play out one of the 7 skills that you practice in your down time.  The movement of the player in the on-match and in-training sequences is still a little jerky, and skills like the volley and header are still ridiculously difficult to get the hang of, but in all, the game can almost compete with titles such as New Star Soccer in its quality and delivery of a fairly well-rounded (if a little limited in scope) football experience.